Cleancarb supplies state of the art energy storage systems for all types of applications including automotive, rail, construction, solar systems, industrial DC energy storage systems, marine, electric scooters and e-bikes etc.

Our systems use Lithium based battery and battery cell technologies. Furthermore, we also provide energy storage systems based on Ultracapacitor technologies using standard and custom made systems.

Cleancarb also provides the following engineering services.

-Thermal management of various systems such as battery packs, engines and heating and air conditioning systems.

-Engineering and specification of alternative energy systems such as solar, wind and other sustainable sources

-Energy saving concepts for all types of applications

-Project management

-Technology transfer

-European Research projects in the area of energy greening

-Automotive and industrial testing services such as vibration testing, environmental testing, corrosion, salt spray, thermal performance and durability testing

Cleancarb has over 25 years of engineering experience and expertise in automotive and aerospace engineering.






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Customers and Clients

EU Commission, Brussels

LX Navigation, Slovenia

TU Delft, Netherlands

Citroen Stenlose,Denmark

Mulhauser GmbH

University of Calgary,Canada

Michigan University, USA

Punch powertrain, Belgium

Iowa State Univeristy, USA

Northwest College Illinois, USA

Eindhoven University,The Netherlands

University of Minnesota,USA

Oxford Brookes racing, UK

Oxford University , UK

Fraunhofer IFAM , Germany

Mulhauser GmbH, Germany

Embedded Electronic system, Russsia

Geoprober, Scotland

Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

4ESYS Belgium

RS Dynamics, Czech Republic and Switzerland









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Ayton Willow, UK

E-transportation www.e-transportation.eu

ITE Valencia, Spain

Virtual Vehicle, Austria

Intelligentsia Consultants, Luxembourg

4SYS ,Belgium

NB Litho, UK

Lithium Balance, Denmark etc



















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